Technical service and advice aimed at improving the design, reducing costs and extending the life of your filter media.

Trebolcad is formed by a group of professionals, in which people cooperate among themselves, united by work, seeking professional and human development, as well as the best customer service.
We have filtering solutions to requirements for each project.


. Detail Engineering
. Support for the design of pipelines and installations.
. Mechanical calculations
. Selection of materials and equipment for specific applications.
. Support in the realization of technical documentation.

The manufacturing tools, specially adapted to each type of part, are designed and produced internally.
On the basis of the information provided by our customers, we can evaluate which metal filter media is the best.
adapted to technical and environmental requirements.

Depending on the application, various base metals can be used, including: 304-316 stainless steel, brass and bronze.
At the same time, if the application requires it, we offer solutions in non-woven, punched and synthetic fabrics, ideal for dust collection solutions.


Food industry

Soluciones filtrantes , de control. Captación de polvo. Bandejas en malla.. Procesos GMP

Pharma industry

Soluciones complejas con microfiltraciones. Certificados de composición y calidad

Chemical industry

Soluciones  para  aceite, el combustible y la industria química en general

Solar industry

Cestas en malla metálica y en materiales filtrantes técnicos para filtros dobles o simples. Aceites térmicos, carburantes o gases.


Renovables como la eólica o plantas de biomasa.

Other applications

Soluciones filtrantes a medida

Three strategic axes

Technical and commercial development

«No nos atrevemos a muchas cosas porque son difíciles, pero son difíciles porque no nos atrevemos a hacerlas».

Industrial processes

«Somos lo que hacemos repetidamente. La excelencia entonces no es un acto, es un hábito».

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